Monday, 2 January 2017

38mm Italian Forks, EX-P&M 97 Dave Whittall Williams

38mm Italian Forks and yokes, mudguard and spindle, EX-P&M 97.

These forks were on P&M 97 when we bought it about 3 years ago. The bike was built in 1981 for Dave Whittall Williams and housed a GS1000 engine. I dont immediately recognise the forks but they appear servicable and are straight (despite one of the images making them look distorted). They could be Laverda 3C or Jota, or even Moto Guzzi ? Whatever they are they were raced on that P&M and it would be great if they could be refitted to a similar machine - P&M or otherwise. I think that the yokes are younger. £390.